Source: YouTube

During Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour performance in Philadelphia, there was a moment that ended up going viral in the middle of her song, “Bad Blood.” It was during the second night of her three-show run at the stadium on Saturday, when Taylor called out security for how they handled a fan saying,  “She’s fine,”  “She wasn’t doing anything. Hey, stop! Stop.”

The next morning, Kelly Inglis posted a TikTok video saying she was the one Taylor was defending and explained the security guard harassed them anytime they touched the front railing. The security guard was booted apparently booted and Kelly and her friend were given free tickets to Sunday’s show!


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@kellyingliskelly28 Taylor, I have truly been in awe of you since day 1. Thank you will never be enough. @Taylor Swift @Taylor Nation 💖#erastour #taylorswift #badbloodtaylorsversion #lincolnfinancialfield #ogswiftie ♬ original sound – kellyinglis326