There IS a difference between “cat people” and “dog people.” According to new research, from Carroll University in Wisconsin, our pet preference is closely tied to fundamental parts of our personality.

Here’s what they found:

Just like their pets, dog lovers tend to have more energy and a more outgoing personality than people who prefer cats. However, despite the fact that dogs tend to be the goofier and more excitable of the two pets, their owners tend to be more straight-laced and serious. The study found that dog owners tend to stick to the rules more than cat-lovers. Which makes sense – since dogs get trained with rules… and cats are left to do as they please, for the most part. So that love of rules comes in handy for dog owners.

So what about cat lovers? Like their pets, they tend to be more sensitive and reserved than dog lovers.

Dog people were also more conscientious, agreeable, and less neurotic than cat fans. Cat people’s personalities were more likely to shift from being open – to being introverted. Kind of like your cat can be loving you one minute and swiping your ankles with their claws the next.

As for what each group gets out of interactions with their pet: dog lovers appreciate the companionship, while cat lovers are into the affection they get from their pet.

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