Traveling is stressful. So now airports are trying to combat it by bringing in some of the cutest creatures on earth: Mini horses! The trend is growing and started at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, where twice a month, passengers can interact with miniature therapy horses.

Lisa Moad runs the non-profit that supplies the horses and says the mini horses have been trained not to freak out in crowds or around sudden movement or loud noises. Their training also includes staying calm and friendly towards people.

And travel anxiety is just one of the things therapy animals are being used for these days. The Mayo Clinic says therapy animals can relax people in other stressful situations, like getting dental work, they can calm cancer patients and even people with heart failure. Plus, horses mirror the emotions and energy of the people around them. So it forces people to be calm, focused and patient. So the next time you’re in an airport and getting stressed about traveling, keep your eyes peeled for a mini-therapy horse. apparently, the effect is better than getting a massage. And don’t forget to send us a selfie.

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