That’s according to new research in the journal Nature Communications. It reports that tomatoes are being genetically modified to contain resveratrol – which is a powerful disease-fighting antioxidant normally found in grapes. In fact, resveratrol is what makes a daily glass of red wine so good for us. Because it’s proven to reduce “bad” cholesterol, and protect our arteries against damage, which lowers our risk for everything from heart disease, to diabetes.

The problem is that, if we drink MORE than a glass of red wine a day, the health benefits go out the window. Because, as with any alcohol, drinking too much raises blood pressure, and increases our risk for liver damage, and – of course – car crashes.

That’s why researchers are excited about these resveratrol-rich TOMATOES. Because a single super-enhanced tomato can contain as much resveratrol as 50 BOTTLES of wine, without the health risks associated with drinking alcohol. Plus, tomatoes are loaded with lycopene – an antioxidant proven to boost heart and bone health, while reducing our risk of certain cancers.

So, if you’re not already ordering tomato juice at brunch, consider this a good reason to start. Because if scientists are already growing resveratrol-rich tomatoes in the lab, it won’t be long before we can say a virgin Bloody Mary is BETTER for our health than a glass of red wine!

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