How much does it really cost to own a dog these days?

Well, if you’re like most pet parents, research shows you likely budget at least $100 dollars per month to cover the “basics” of feeding your dog, and occasionally taking them to the vet. But if you’re a homeowner – with hopes of potentially selling your home someday – you should budget an extra $12-THOUSAND dollars to cover dog-related repairs!

That’s according to Susan Martins-Phipps, a licensed home appraiser. She says having a house full of doggy damage probably won’t stop people from buying your home, but it’ll significantly lower your home’s resale value! As an example: She says the most common repairs today’s homes need include replacing pet-stained carpets… replacing scratched or chewed wooden doors and window-frames… and fixing landscaping that’s been damaged from years of digging, marking and playing! Then, when it comes to furniture, “pet damage” is the second-leading cause of repair claims after “product failure” – which refers to when furniture arrives broken or unusable! And often, when a realtor is showing a house, potential buyers notice the pet SMELL, which can be a big turnoff.

Home appraiser Martins-Phipps says pet-related repairs are normally NOT covered by homeowners insurance. And a home with significant pet damage could appraise for up to 5% less!

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