Want to be happier starting right now? The Mayo Clinic came up with something called the 5-3-2 technique – and it can raise our happiness levels by 50%! Here’s how it works:

Every time you wake up, think about 5 people you’re grateful to have in your life.

Then, spend 3 minutes greeting your family members like you haven’t seen them in years. That helps you focus on the things you love about them, instead of the things that bug you.

And every time you meet someone, take 2 seconds to silently send them a “wish you well” message. That reinforces feelings of generosity and kindness toward others.

And it makes you feel better too.

That’s the 5‑3‑2 technique. Since our minds are wired to focus on negativity – this technique helps shift our perspective. And the folks at the Mayo Clinic have found it to be enormously effective and raises happiness levels by 50%! If you want to go further, just Google Mayo Clinic 5‑3‑2 technique.

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