Here are two quick pieces of intel that can help you live a calmer, longer life:

First: Worry-warts, listen up! Schedule deep breathing sessions at 1pm every day. And all you need is 10 minutes. Research has revealed that our anxiety peaks around 1pm, because that’s when our nervous system is most active – and the day’s stress starts accumulating. So pencil in a few minutes of deep breathing – which works to slow your heart rate and decrease stress hormones. And if you do it consistently, your blood vessels will become more relaxed, which will reduce your overall blood pressure. There you go. Schedule a 10-minute deep breathing session at 1pm every day.

Another way to beat stress: Make your home feel super-organized and visually appealing. Environmental design psychologist Dr. Sally Augustin recommends grouping everything from your books, to your throw pillows, to your knickknacks by color! Say, stacking orange books side-by-side, keeping only blue bottles on your kitchen windowsill, and even putting same-color clothes together in your closet. Dr. Augustin says color-coding appeals to our sense of organization, which can make us feel more relaxed, comfortable, and creative. It also feels more restful to the eye than scattered colors, which can improve your mood even more.

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