We always hear about human foods we can feed to dogs… But what about cats? There are certain foods you can share with them, too. Just don’t overdo it. Remember, a cat is 95% smaller than the average person. So here’s what they can eat.

Your cat can have some canned fish, like salmon or tuna. But it’s important to keep the portion small. If you’re worried about ingesting too much mercury – you should also be concerned about your cat.

Your cat can also enjoy a tiny bit of cheese. It’s a good source of protein. But most cats are lactose intolerant – which is why you shouldn’t give them a saucer of milk – no matter how many cartoons you’ve seen of cats drinking milk. And as far as cheese goes, try feeding your cat cottage cheese before attempting anything richer.

Another human food cats can enjoy is broccoli. Although your cat’s main diet should be mostly protein, sometimes they get a craving for veggies. If you notice your cat chomping on house plants, try feeding it a small portion of steamed broccoli. It could satisfy their need for something green for digestion and keep them away from potentially dangerous house plants.

Finally, for a little more protein, you can feed your cat scrambled or hard boiled eggs. Just a little – and make sure you don’t use butter or cooking spray when it’s prepared. And don’t give your cat raw eggs. They can get salmonella poisoning just like humans.

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