That refers to “heat exhaustion,” or the extreme fatigue we feel on a hot day – when we just want to lie down and do nothing! It’s one of the most common disorders that occurs in hot weather… and it’s caused by the body’s inability to regulate its internal temperature. Because normally, our temperature stays around 98-point-6 degrees Fahrenheit. And if we heat up due to exercise – or because it’s a hot day – our body generally cools itself by sweating. Or, it expands blood vessels to increase blood flow, which helps draw heat from our core to our skin, where it can be released through radiation.

But if we get TOO warm, and our body can’t cool itself, it may start to shut down. The result is we’ll feel weak, dizzy and nauseous… our vision may blur… and, without immediate treatment, we’ll likely pass out!

The good news is that heat prostration is easily prevented. On hot days, simply drink extra water, avoid heavy physical activity, and stay in the shade. Also, wear light, loose clothing – to help your body release heat.

But if you’re doing all that and you STILL feel like you’re going to pass out, call for help. Because while it’s rare, heat disorders can be deadly!

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