You need to develop so-called “instigation habits” – that prompt you to work out. That’s according to Dr. Alison Phillips, psychology professor at Iowa State University. So what is an “instigation habit?”

It’s something that not only reminds you to go work out – it makes working out a no brainer. For example:

Make driving past the gym on your way home from work part of your new commute.

Or, make your workout clothes your new pajamas – so when you wake up, you’re already dressed for exercise…

Or put your gym shoes so they’re blocking the front door. So you can’t open it without touching them.

Dr. Phillips’ research suggests it can take at least a month of repeated behavior to develop this so-called instigation habit that’s impossible to ignore.

But once you repeat the same behaviors day after day, she found that having an instigation cue that prompts people to automatically go to the gym works to increase exercise frequency.

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