It may be because the average person wastes 44% of an hour-long gym session doing everything BUT working out! And according to a survey of 500 gym-goers, we tend to waste away nearly 26 minutes doing 13 different things, on average. They are:

  • Resting too long between sets.
  • Taking excessive water breaks.
  • Sitting in the sauna.
  • Weighing yourself.
  • Checking other people out.
  • And judging other people’s workouts.

More of the most common ways we waste time at the gym:

  • Making small talk.
  • Cleaning up after other people.
  • Waiting for certain equipment to be available.
  • Thinking about what exercise to do next.
  • Watching TV.
  • Texting.
  • And the final way we waste nearly 26 minutes out of an hour-long gym session: By fiddling with our workout apps.

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