We should all be dining like our dogs! That’s the advice of diet and fitness coach, Krista Scott-Dixon. Here’s what dogs get right about eating:

They stick to a routine. Okay, that routine is dictated by us, their owners – but you probably feed your dog at set times every day. And if you’re late and trying to sleep in, your dog will let you know it’s breakfast time, right? But if we ALL ate at the same time every day, we’d eat less and have healthier digestion. Because when the body anticipates eating, it starts pumping out digestive enzymes in preparation. And eating at set intervals keeps our hunger hormones from going haywire.

Another reason to eat like your dog? All he does when he eats is eat. He doesn’t watch TV or scroll through Facebook. And according to the University of Minnesota, when we focus on our food, and enjoy the flavor and texture, we naturally feel more satisfied.

Finally, just like your dog, go for a walk after eating. According to the American Medical Association, a 15 minute walk is scientifically proven to improve digestion and control blood sugar. And in people with diabetes or pre-diabetes, three short walks after each meal are better for blood sugar control than one long walk during the day. Plus, walking improves mood. Just don’t eat any cat poop on the walk, like your dog does.

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