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Wikipedia put out a list of the site’s ‘Top 50 Searches’ in 2017 . . . and the top two were DEATH and PRESIDENT TRUMP. 

1. Their page on ‘Deaths in 2017’ won the popular vote, with more than 37.3 MILLION views. According to Wikipedia, the traffic peaked on November 20th, following the death of Charles Manson, of all people. 

2. Donald Trump was second with more than 29.6 million views . . . peaking on his Inauguration Day, January 20th. 

3. Queen Elizabeth was third with nearly 19.3 million searches . . . peaking on December 10th, when Netflix dropped the second season of “The Crown”

4. Season Seven of “Game of Thrones”, 18.8 million. 

5. Prince Harry’s fiancée Meghan Markle, 16.9 million 

6. The overall page for “Game of Thrones”, 16.8 million 

7. The page for a ‘List of Bollywood Films of 2017,’ 16.4 million 

8. The United States, 15.8 million. This one also peaked on Inauguration Day. 

9. Bitcoin, 15 million 

10. The Netflix show “13 Reasons Why”, 14.9 million

Check out the rest of the list here…

Wikipedia’s Top 50 List

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