Who knows all your secrets and bad habits? Your dentist! Here’s what your dentist can detect when you open up and say “ah”…

First: Your dentist can tell if you bite your nails. That’s because people who bite their nails will have front teeth that look flat on the bottom. It’s not from your nails so much as it is from the top and bottom teeth coming into contact and rubbing against each other.

Dentists can also tell if you love sports drinks, energy drinks, and citrusy sodas. Because they have the most citric and phosphoric acids, which are the worst when it comes to breaking down calcium. And that leaves teeth vulnerable to decay.

What else does your dentist know? You sucked your thumb as a kid – longer than most. Usually, if a kid stops sucking their thumb by age 5, there’s no harm done. But if you sucked your thumb until 7 or 8, and didn’t get braces, a dentist can see the telltale signs… like significant changes to the bite and the position of the teeth.

And then… your dentist can save your life. Every year dentists save thousands of lives in North America by spotting growths and abnormalities in our mouth that end up being cancer.

So don’t forget your dentist appointment! Make it today!

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