Because….”Dog Leotard!”

Dogs HATE when you dress them up.  But I have to imagine they’d hate you even MORE if you dressed them up like this.

There’s a new product for sale called the Shed Defender that’s a LEOTARD for your dog.  The website says it’s supposed to keep your dog from shedding all over your house . . . but there HAS to be a way to do that without making them look so foolish.

Because from the pictures . . . well, let’s just say if dogs have the ability to feel shame and embarrassment, tossing them in one of these leotards will do it.  Especially big dogs.

But if you’re interested, you can get them at  They start at $40 for small dogs and go up to $63 for huge dogs. 

But please don’t do this to your poor dog.  🙁



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