Want to boost your energy? Skip the caffeine, and take the stairs instead! Patrick O’Connor is a kinesiology professor at the University of Georgia. And he found that just 10 minutes climbing stairs will boost your energy levels and motivation more than downing the amount of caffeine in a typical can of cola.

The researchers wanted to find a way to increase the energy of employees that could be done in a typical office setting where workers may only have a few minutes for breaks.

So, during the study, chronically sleep-deprived workers participated in 2 scenarios. One day they worked and took a capsule of caffeine. And another day, the workers spent 10 minutes walking slowly up and down the stairs.

The result: On the day they walked the stairs for 10 minutes, participants definitely felt more energetic and focused. They also did much better verbally, and on the computer on memory and mental agility tests. Likely because their harder-working hearts were pumping more oxygen to their brains – which provides more energy than ANYTHING you could sip or eat while sitting. And those who walked with a buddy had an even bigger mood boost. On the days the workers took the caffeine pills, they actually felt LESS motivated to work.

Bottom line: Walking up and down stairs for 10 minutes is completely do-able. And can really benefit your energy levels and motivation.

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