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Do You Have DeQuervain’s Syndrome?

That’s tendonitis of the wrist caused by overuse of the thumbs. It’s most often triggered by REPETITIVE motions – like operating a pair of scissors, or playing the piano… but it can also come from frequently LIFTING heavy objects with the thumbs flexed – say, grocery bags or a BABY. In fact, that’s one reason the condition is often referred to as “mommy wrist.”

However, these days, orthopedic surgeons are seeing a surge in DeQuervain’s syndrome cases caused by TEXTING. Because if you tend to type with your thumbs, your hands will be curled around your phone in a way that puts extra stress on the tendons in your wrists. And that can lead to pain and swelling that’s so intense, you can’t lift things or make a fist.

So, one of the best ways to prevent this syndrome is to simply limit repetitive motions that overtax the thumbs – including texting. And if you start to feel ANY soreness on the thumb side of your wrists, take a break and ice the area for about 20 minutes. Otherwise, doctors may recommend wearing a special hand brace that immobilizes the thumb, and allows tendons to heal. And in more extreme cases, doctors may recommend steroid injections in the area, or surgery!

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