You know a lack of sleep can lead to everything from overeating – to anger. Well, here are 3 simple things that can help you fall asleep and stay asleep:

  • Your dog. Sure, they may crowd the bed – but according to the Mayo Clinic, dog owners who allowed their dog to sleep with them had improved sleep quality – because they felt safer and more secure.
  • Another way to sleep better: Have some pillow talk with your significant other. A study found that people were more likely to have restorative deep sleep when they felt cared for by their partners. So a little bonding before bed goes a long way for a better night’s sleep
  • The third way to sleep better at night: Don’t nap during the day. University of Pennsylvania researchers found that when people were chronically under-slept – and took naps during the day – they slept worse at night. And sleeping during the day – when you can’t sleep at night – perpetuates the cycle.

So, if you have a hard time sleeping at night, hold off until bedtime and your sleep drive will be higher.

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