DjBrian Blog – Understanding Why We Do The Things We Do

DjBrian Blog – Understanding Why We Do The Things We Do

Part of being an on-air DJ is learing your audiences habits and lifestyle so you can better inform them on the things they want to know. DjBrian is a big fan of continuous learning and improvement just like our 7pm host John Tesh. Recently John shared this article via his FaceBook page and DjBrian enjoyed it so much that he wanted to Blog and Share.. Here is the Blog.. Thanks for Listening to Mix 103.1 FM Anchorage.

DjBrian Allen here, I came across a recent article by Jamie Wiles from URBO that brought up 6 odd things that people do out of habit but don’t really know for sure why. I admit to doing a few of these myself although the concept of why differs from some of the explanations in the article. Take a minute to answer the questions below in your head and then read the article that is linked below.

1. Knock on Wood -To avoid something happening to you

2. Turn down the music while trying to navigate in your vehicle

3. Wave to people in the same car as you

4. Wait for everybody at your table to get food before starting to eat

5. Face forward in the elevator

6. Park in the same spot everyday, even though none are assigned



Please share which of these you do and the reasons why in the comments section below.. Thanks