Do you know what Sarcopenia is? That refers to the gradual loss of strength and power due to age-related muscle loss. According to the Mayo Clinic, we all begin losing muscle mass after age 30, at the rate of about 1% percent per year, on average. That’s why a lot of older people appear to be mostly skin and bones. And unfortunately, a lower muscle mass can have a negative impact on our balance, which increases our risk for falls and injuries.

It’s why a growing number of doctors are now testing for “early sarcopenia.” And the good news is that there are two proven ways we can DELAY the condition, and stay stronger, longer:

First, always get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. Because in order for muscle tissue to grow and stay healthy, our brain needs to release fresh growth hormone. And that mostly happens while we’re asleep.

Next, always include resistance training in your workouts. In fact, studies have shown that even in nursing homes, people stayed stronger, longer, when they included resistance exercise in their daily routine – compared to those who just stayed active and watched their diet.

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