Dog lovers really want their furry family members to live their best life. As a result, the latest interior design trend is DOG SHOWERS. The New York Times says there’s a growing demand for designated showers for dogs in homes. Instead of giving your pups a bath in the regular tub, more and more pet parents are choosing to build a separate shower just for their dogs.

Searches for dog shower designs are trending on Pinterest… and GreenRose Fine Homes and Design in New Jersey says they get so many requests, ALL of their custom homes will include a dog shower from now on. The pet parents who want them typically have bigger dogs – since a smaller breed, like a Yorkie, could be washed in the kitchen sink. And dog showers are practical… it can be a big, wet mess to wash a dog that’s 50-pounds and up in a standard bathtub.

With a dog shower, the mess is contained in its own area and you don’t have to worry about doing a deep clean of the bathtub afterwards. Most people add dog showers to a mudroom, laundry room or garage, and it’s actually not that costly to add a plumbing line to those areas. Prices range from $1,500 to $5,000 – which is about half the cost of re-doing a bathroom. And interior designers say, even if you go to sell a home with a dog shower to prospective buyers who AREN’T dog people, it doesn’t hurt the resale value because it can be used for so many other purposes… like rinsing off dirty kids, muddy boots, sandy feet or cleaning up from messy craft projects. And that’s the latest home design trend: Dog showers.

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